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are pleased to invite you to the project:

“WiP – Study mission Moscow”

  (22-29 September 2019)



Duration: 7 days
Course elements: pre-departure, in-class course + study mission
Participants: min. 20 – max. 35
Language: Italian/English


The WiP – Study missions are part of an innovative training format devised to offer to university students the opportunity to come face-to-face with today’s most pressing challenges in international relations.
They are based on a hands-on approach to learning, in which students become the protagonists in the dialogue with key interlocutors in institutions, diplomacy, global business and civil society.

Participation in a WiP – Study Mission project means:

  • Direct contact with the main actors of the international arena
  • To go beyond the textbook and learn about the issues first-hand, directly on the field
  • To understand the world of international relations and open new and exciting professional paths
  • To re-examine personal convictions and measure your beliefs with different cultures and interests.


The eastwest European Institute provides the 5 best students participating in the WiP- Study Missions with the opportunity to present an application for an internship in one of following partners Companies and Associations:


The WiP – Study Mission project will help students to understand the mechanisms of power of the Russian economic and political leadership and will orient participants to elaborate analysis on controversial topics: Transatlantic relations with the US, Russian influence in foreign electoral processes and its role in war-torn countries.

The stay in Moscow will also be a unique opportunity to interact with Russia’s ruling class.
By the end of the program, students will have gained a deeper understanding of Europe’s most influential neighbor.
Participants will also have the opportunity to discover in practice how dialogue and collaboration constitute always an asset: the extraordinary economic and commercial partnership between Russia and EU, despite the ongoing sanctions regime, make this relationship inevitable and even indispensable.


The structure of the WiP – Study Mission is divided into three parts:

  • A webinar course held by experts, specialized in Russian history, organized in 4 lessons between 2 and 20 September, with special focus on the relations between Russia and the West.
  • In Moscow, 7 days of meetings with Institutions, diplomats, managers, professors and opinion makers.
  • Site-visits to historically important areas of the city, exploring secrets and peculiarities of the local communities, religion and culture.


For more details, download the event program.



For additional information about the Study Mission and how to participate, contact:
segreteria@diplomatici.it / +39 0957152470
info@ew-ei.eu / +39 0681157586